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Research and development in organic synthesis

Research and Development Analytical Chemistry




Since 1997 Chimete has been providing research and development services in the areas of organic synthesis and analytical research.

We are the ideal partner for companies that want to use outsourcing for better and more efficient business management.


Chimete is made up of a qualified team of researchers, with degrees in Chemistry, who are passionate and highly motivated.

Chimete works in a large, modern facility based at the ‘Parco Scientifico Tecnologico’ (Science and Technology Park) in Rivalta Scrivia, a logistically strategic location at the centre of the Milan-Turin-Genoa industrial triangle.


In its 20 years, Chimete has developed numerous working collaborations with national and international research centres which has allowed the company to successfully manage complex and multifunctional projects, always guaranteeing high operating and quality standards.


Our services

Research and development in organic synthesis

We carry out experimental studies about the synthesis of new chemical entities; the development of chemical processes, from the early stage of molecule discovery up to the optimization, scale-up, and preparation of 500gr - 1kg batches.

Our customers are mainly chemical-pharmaceutical industries and cosmetics.



Research and development analytical chemistry

We provide analytical studies, stability studies, validation of analytical methods, preparation of the validation protocols and reports. We are very skilled in the development of analytical methods for natural products.

Our customers are mainly chemical-pharmaceutical industries and cosmetics.


GMP authorization n. aM-11/2012

Registration in the List of Laboratories qualified from MIUR since 2002-07-02

News and insights

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